Intensive Family Programs

Recognizing the importance of family involvement, GreeneStone has designed a family program that incorporates both a three hour workshop that provides an overview of key challenges and themes for relatives of a family member seeking treatment for addictions and three follow-up family sessions to address issues and concerns that are specific to each family. Both the workshops and the family sessions are facilitated by an experienced family therapist that utilizes evidence-based practices while tuning into the needs of the families that attend.

Research indicates that improved outcomes for both the person misusing and family members affected by substance abuse are more likely to occur when families are involved in the treatment process. This makes sense given the predominant role families play in our lives whether members are close or distant. Parents, family members and/or other significant individuals are essential resources. There are three main reasons to involve families:

  1. To work with family members to engage the person that is misusing into treatment
  2. Involvement of family members in the recovery of relatives with substance misuse and addiction problems
  3. Sometimes family's with a member that struggles with substance misuse and addiction problems show symptoms of stress that requires attention.

The objectives of the family workshop are to provide families with an opportunity to examine their needs in the recovery process and to help them find ways to address them.

Specific goals for both the workshop and family sessions include looking at how the family organizes around a problem, highlighting family strengths and resiliencies, developing healthy boundaries, enhancing communication between family members, addressing family roles and disruptive, repetitive patterns, learning about and engaging in a recovery process for the misusing member and for the family as a whole.